Volunteer at Farm Fest

     First & foremost, we want to send a heart felt thanks to all who have helped out in any way in the past! This year, as we work on the much needed repairs & upgrades, we are asking all volunteers to donate both physically & monetarily. Volunteer passes are just $50 this year but include the VIP and RV pass, normally this would cost $250. None of this would be possible with out the dedication & hard work of our volunteers! You truly are the life blood of this farm & festival! So for that again we say Thank You!

     This year we are giving our volunteers VIP status which will gain you early access, a special VIP only concert Thursday night before the festival and a Farm Fam meal that night (along with a few other perks). We want any and all that attend to enjoy the festival, but if you want to be apart of the behind the scenes magic by becoming a volunteer, you will have a direct hand in making Farm Fest the best it can be! Volunteers are asked to specify the area they would prefer to work & if you have experience in specific areas, like the kitchen or with first aid, we will try to utilize you in those areas. This is not a guarantee but we do promise to try to put you where you would like. Special privileges will be given to those that work in specific areas of need such as sanitation or farm work. We are asking three, 4 hour shifts (12hours total) through out the weekend. Once those hours are complete & cards signed off by the coordinators, there will be another perk for turning it in. That being said, if there truly is a hardship & you just can't afford the $75 we will try to make accommodations for you, so reach out to describe your issue & we will see what we can do. Again, this is not a guarantee of any kind but we want to be inclusive of everyone & do not want to deny any who would want to attend & especially those willing to help out. We are looking for long-term commitment folks, but are happy with a one year helper too. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the festival and we depend on you for our existence & health of our community. Not only that, it's a blast!

     Come early...stay late. Come camp & help on the farm & property! We have a lot of fun & exciting things planned! Those who help us work on the farm & the infrastructure projects will always be welcome & rewarded! Send a message if you are interested in our summer volunteer live/camp on site positions. Planting Weekends: We feed the festival with what we grow on the farm. Memorial Day Weekend, starting May 27th (weekend passes to the festival will be provided).

     Get er' Done Weekends: Help get the festival site ready and work on special projects.

     Late June -- watch for a date here (weekend passes to the festival will be provided). If you plan on volunteering during the Festival, gates open Thursday 9am to you, to all others, gates open at noon on Friday. We hope you will come Thursday to set up camp before the festival starts, enjoy your VIP status & enjoy the food & concert provided specially for those that make this event possible! Thursday is when we do all the last minute things to prepare but that evening we have a special guest concert & meal planned for you!

     When you contact us about volunteering, please list the jobs you'd be able to do and the times you would be available. Please submit your volunteer application online & email us with any questions/comments/concerns & from the bottom (top & sides) of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!