Oh Brother Big Sister

Oh Brother Big Sister is an eclectic sensation! This brother and sister duo from Northern Michigan covers the music spectrum with entrancing harmonies and ingenious musical arrangements. With a comfortable, comedic essence that makes you feel like you're with old friends in the comfort of your happy place; the BIG-sister-little-brother duo deliver music that encompasses a wide variety of music genres with an original acoustic sound that makes each performance an experience.

Railcar Graffiti

Railcar Graffiti is a rowdy, energetic and engaging representation of American mountain music with a twist that is uniquely Railcar. Captivating crowds in Michigan since 2014, they've carved a niche all their own, with a stage presence reminiscent of a punk rock band and a sound that will get the party going. Don't invite these guys to your barn dance, they'll burn it down.

Bon Jurke

Bon Jurke epitomizes the duality of man, as all he has ever hoped to be was at least a "Good Jerk." His singer songwriter acoustic finger picking style has been called "melodic & soothing" & his lyrics "introspective, encouraging & uplifting." He believes "anything worth singing should be worth saying." He also loves covers but tries not to emulate but rather make them his own by changing words, tempo, or style. Ask about his collaboration on a kids book if you see him!

The Blue Water Ramblers

The Blue Water Ramblers, est. 2002, write their own songs and take turns harmonizing with each other to create a colorful tapestry of sounds. “Banjo-Jim” Foerch on his acoustic and electric banjos and R.H. “Bear” Berends on his big Marten guitar are the core of the Rambler vocal and writing team. Then add “California Dan” Lynn laying down the steady rhythm on his doghouse bass and “Deacon Marten” VanEyk adding just the right amount of fiddle harmonies and fills and what do you get: the unique Blue Water Rambler sound.

The Bandura Gypsies

The Bandura Gypsies rocks a unique blend of style and sound. The lyrics and melodies are totally emotion-driven, and the foundation is totally power-driven. The Gypsies write about what's goin' down now, what's bringing the joy, and what's bringing the pain. From acoustic folk songs to rock-the-house-down, from ballads to punk jams, The Bandura Gypsies have a song for you, and are loved by music fans from 8 to 80. Official website found here


Kirby, From Harbor Springs, Kirby has been with Farmfest since its beginning. His latest album, "Kirby for Kids (and Childish Adults)," features light hearted songs that do not talk down to kids and can be enjoyed equally by adults who refuse to take life too seriously. Kirby will be a Wandering Minstrel willing to discuss Songwriting, Fingerpicking, Harmonica and the meaning of life anytime. He hosts our open mic segment on Saturday and jams out at the Fire circle on Saturday night. Big fun. Official website found here

Beaver Xing

Folk, Americana, Pop, Country, Classic/New Rock, Standards and all things in between! Their passion is connecting with others through their music. Beaver Xing plays a variety of both conventional and unconventional instruments, and have a crowd-pleasing catalog of covers that spans many eras and genres, with a few originals mixed in. Jonathan's pursuit of music began young, joining band in school, where he learned a wide variety of percussion instruments at Grant High School. After a 10 year hiatus, he joined a praise team, developing his skill as a performer.

Sabbatical Bob

     Sabbatical Bob is a hard-hitting, high-energy, Funk outfit from southern Michigan that authentically blends traditional funk with elements of Jazz and Rock designed to provide a highly danceable and entertaining performance experience. Their sound is shaped by artists such as James Brown, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, and Lettuce

The Real Ingredients

The Real Ingredients - A Petoskey-based acoustic rock duo armed with a guitar and saxophone. Together they combine their individual influences of rock, folk, funk and more to create a unique sound all their own. The duo have taken their sound across their home state of Michigan from Marquette to south of Grand Rapids. Official site found here

Hey Cuz

Indie Alternative Rock Group Based In Northern MI! A Crew Of Cousins Come Together To Form A New Groove In A Venue Near You! Members Rachel Grace, Ed Eyre, McKenzie Rosin, Doug Slater And Radel Rosin make up this fun upbeat band, with a long history of making musical fusion from a young age. Kicking out original tunes and favorite covers from the start of a garage band. Crafting a new sound through multiple acts they have been accompanied with over the years.

E Stew

E Stew is the designer of this website: and the new kid on the block music producer, arriving to Kalamazoo in 2021. He has also always been a musician; starting back long before the days of professional music production. Enjoy these enchanting tunes, you may find yourself walking through "another door, somewhere to explore'

Brothers Rupple

The Rupple Brothers are a psychedelic folk ensemble who combine a love for music, life, and improvisation to create a musical space unlike any other. Born unto song, brothers Evan and Cole, and an ever expanding cast of soul brothers, traverse the entire spectrum of sound and space; each being proficient in multiple ways of musical strangeness, while bringing a positive and powerful family message with their brand of wild folk.

Michael Rosteck

Michael Rosteck is a Northern Michigan singer/songwriter, visual artist, and a staple on the Michigan music festival scene. As a visual artist, he has done design work for Blissfest, Farmfest, Pond Jam, and Dunesville, as well as doing album artwork for several Michigan-based bands. As a singer/songwriter, Michael Rosteck is known for his witty and engaging lyrics, which range from whimsical and humorous to politically charged and introspective.

Steel & Wood

STEEL & WOOD, a traditional Bluegrass band based in Petoskey, offers an upbeat, heartfelt string and vocal harmony-based repertoire spanning the works of Bill Monroe, Jim and Jesse McReynolds, Ralph Stanley and others. Steel & Wood harkens back to American railroad culture and enduring musical traditions rooted in Southern Appalachia. 

Les Older

The leader of the well-known Ganja Gang is out on the road this year on his own as he deals with his journey of life with MS. Playing his originals and covers he make his own, diving into the looping world and enjoying each show! An alien trapped in a human shell, music is the language he speaks. Peace, love and hugs offered to all! #BEAGOODHUMAN

Jake Allen

Jake Allen crafts a kaleidoscopic sound that plunges the curious listener into a world of endless sonic possibilities, incorporating prog-pop, waves of ambient instrumentals, and complex musical layers. Allen showcases the guitar, harnessing every nuance of the instrument and transforming it into an ethereal, shape-shifting creature that bends both notes and time.