Many of us are caught up in the worlds fast pace. We've overused the strength of the mind and forgotten the strength of the body. In this all-levels Hatha style class, set to live music, we will cultivate a balance between the strength of the mind and the strength of the body. Thereby, ending, if only for a moment, the tug to be more, to give more, to do more. In this class we will awaken the goddess, we will shed the layers of old story that we are not enough, and we will bring peace to the mind to the body and to the spirit within.

Join me, along with The Bandura Gypsies, for some fun, some work and some well-earned rest!


Kjersti Fay


Kjersti is a born and raised Michigander, in her own words a “country bumpkin”. Yoga came into her life while she was in college, working towards her degree to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. Two years after graduating college she began continuing her education. In 2014 she became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), and a certified practioner of the Bowen Technique. Over the next 4 years she continued her education in the art and science of modern and traditional medicines, specializing in movement therapies and hands-on- healing modalities. She is now an ERYT-200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), and Lead Yoga Teacher at SoulShine Yoga in Howell.

What does she love most about yoga? It helps bring the body and mind to a natural state of balance and peace. Life is a dance between the rules of matter and the forces of nature (energy). We are matter. We are energy. The Air in our Lungs. The Water in our Blood. The Earth in our Bones. We are all these things, but we are also how they move and interact with one another. We are the blood carrying the oxygen to cells. Yoga is a science, and deeply personal understanding of the Living human Body and how it is affected by movement (energy) and matter. Her favorite yoga quote is, “We do not use the body to get into the poses. We use the poses to get inside the body.” Healing happens in the body. Life happens in the body. Yoga happens in the body. All you have to do is show up, breathe and move to the best you are able. Yoga is for everybody.

Before Yoga Kjersti suffered from anxiety, depression, sciatica and a hopeless feeling that she was lost in life… The day she first took a yoga class, a familiar light turned back on inside. She began to see with the eyes of a child. “The world inside and out is a magical place. For me Yoga helped me remember the magic and cleanse my body of the gunk that made it forget for a time,” she says. In her yoga classes you can expect to learn something you didn’t know before, or connect more deeply with a part of yourself that is needed to cultivate internal peace and harmony. Her classes have an element of work, play and rest. She believes balancing these three areas of life on the mat will help balance them off the mat.

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Bring camping gear, food to share, instruments and a festive heart. It’s a great time to Git ‘er Done and together it is easy to do just that! AND of course you receive your Farmfest weekend pass before you go home. Main stage music Saturday night with the Pondhoppers.


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