Like the ambivalent creatures they’re named after, The Marsupials can not be easily categorized. The orchestrated rock/funk has evolved into a searing hot, dance-infused journey of chaotic poetry & ethereal grooves. Formed in 2013 by Tai Drury and Al Riesenbeck, this Harbor Springs creation has been pleasuring ears across their home state of Michigan.

Before the current line-up found each other, years were spent independently performing and traveling across Michigan and the rest of the country in an assortment of groups. The Marsupials’ debut album, “Mellow Emergency (2017)”, is a clever blend of classic rock, funk, and ska with roaring vocals. At the beginning of 2018, the collective of Tai (Guitar, Vox), Al (drums, keys, Vox), and Jeremy Dika (Bass, Vox) joined forces. Playing regularly from Marquette to Grand Rapids has garnered them a loyal following throughout the mitten, as well as significant buzz surrounding the group.

The super-shreddy power trio has an incredible 2019 ahead of them, and will continue at light speed into the future with no signs of slowing down. The time is now.



Upcoming Events:

August 8-11, 2019: Farmfest 2019!

Come enjoy a weekend of fun, family and music. Bring a camper, or a tent, or sleep under the stars!

Early June: Planting Weekend

Each spring, the greenhouse fills up with amazing plants promising great organic food choices for us at Farmfest. Come help us plant the gardens, and earn a weekend pass to Farmfest. Bring a dish to pass, your camping gear and instruments for campfire jamming.

Late June: Get ‘er Done Vounteer Work Weekend

Preparing the farm for Farmfest is always a very rewarding experience. This is the time we can get creative. What is it that you would like to see added to the land? Let us know and help manifest it. Of course there are the usual annual items that need to be done: Cow barrels, butt cans, prepping the stages and clearing the trails. Weed whacking and mowing. Organizing the kitchen. Etc etc etc.

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