From the hills of Northern Michigan hails a family power trio consisting of three front men performing their original songs. Oldest brother Caul displays his mastery of the bass on a variety of bass instruments from two to five strings, including his homemade upright washtub bass, the Cauldron. He even beat out other local guitarists for a first place win at the Frozen Cherry Hot Licks Guitar Competition in 2017 as the ONLY bass player entered! Middle brother Darin mans a massive drum kit as eclectic as their sound. Wailing on a collection of toms, bongos, bells and a canopy of Zildjian cymbals as well as singing lead and backup and, like all three members, composing new originals, Darin brings a new meaning to versatile drummer. On guitar, little brother but old soul, Earl, pulls from his influences of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jerry Garcia and Lowell George to construct his sound. His melodic and intricate style juxtaposed to the hard and driving rhythm section creates a high energy sound that simply must be experienced for yourself. Putting various other musical projects on the back burner, The Brothers Crunch formed in 2015 and almost instantly skyrocketed to local prominence. After playing most small and mid- sized upper Michigan music festivals, they were invited back to play all night time slots the following summer and even gained three slots at Blissfest, one of Michigan's largest folk music festivals, and a headlining spot at Farmfest, another Michigan favorite. A nineties adolescence steeped in Seattle grunge and the dark, mysterious hard rock of the 60's and 70's is palpable in the gritty, pure rock-n-roll that is The Brothers Crunch. Their high energy rebelliousness, mastery of their instruments, and perfect mix of covers, mash-ups and originals make it impossible to stand still at their shows and make this band one not to be missed!



Upcoming Events:

August 9-12, 2018: Farmfest 2018!

Come enjoy a weekend of fun, family and music. Bring a camper, or a tent, or sleep under the stars!

October 20, 2018: Halloween Bash

Celebrate the change of seasons with food, music and costumes.

February 2019: Sledfest!

Lit trails for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Great food and pub. Music starts at 3:00 with many bands performing. Winner gets a main stage booking at Farmfest 2018. Snow Art winner gets two weekend passes. Winter camping if you dare. Bonfire to light a small city. Inner child fun!!

Late May, 2019: Planting Weekend

Each spring, the greenhouse fills up with amazing plants promising great organic food choices for us at Farmfest. Come help us plant the gardens, and earn a weekend pass to Farmfest. Bring a dish to pass, your camping gear and instruments for campfire jamming.

Late June 2019: Get ‘er Done Vounteer Work Weekend

Preparing the farm for Farmfest is always a very rewarding experience. This is the time we can get creative. What is it that you would like to see added to the land? Let us know and help manifest it. Of course there are the usual annual items that need to be done: Cow barrels, butt cans, prepping the stages and clearing the trails. Weed whacking and mowing. Organizing the kitchen. Etc etc etc.

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