Sandra's lifetime of playing music has culminated in a unique blend of Country and Pop covers, original songs and children's music that is always a delight and enjoyed by music lovers of all ages. She dazzles every audience with her guitar playing and sultry voice. She is also an accomplished percussionist, playing 9 years with the "Boyne Mountain Boys" so she just might surprise you with her washboard or African drum as well.

A 4 time veteran of the famous John Lamb Songwriter's Retreat, her original music is honest, soulful and from the heart. Try not to shed a tear or bust a gut laughing.

Sandra is a self described singer / songwriter and "song wronger"! She peppers her act with the musings of life as she sees it, unfiltered, "punny" and undeniably authentic. With her own rhythmic style and unique interpretations, she beckons you to come along for the ride like friends and loved ones gathered around a campfire on a beautiful summer evening.


Upcoming Events:

June 30 - July 1, 2018: Get ‘er Done Vounteer Work Weekend

Preparing the farm for Farmfest is always a very rewarding experience. This is the time we can get creative. What is it that you would like to see added to the land? Let us know and help manifest it. Of course there are the usual annual items that need to be done: Cow barrels, butt cans, prepping the stages and clearing the trails. Weed whacking and mowing. Organizing the kitchen. Etc etc etc.

August 9-12, 2018: Farmfest 2018!

Come enjoy a weekend of fun, family and music. Bring a camper, or a tent, or sleep under the stars!

October 20, 2018: Halloween Bash

Celebrate the change of seasons with food, music and costumes.

February 2019: Sledfest!

Lit trails for snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Great food and pub. Music starts at 3:00 with many bands performing. Winner gets a main stage booking at Farmfest 2018. Snow Art winner gets two weekend passes. Winter camping if you dare. Bonfire to light a small city. Inner child fun!!

Late May, 2019: Planting Weekend

Each spring, the greenhouse fills up with amazing plants promising great organic food choices for us at Farmfest. Come help us plant the gardens, and earn a weekend pass to Farmfest. Bring a dish to pass, your camping gear and instruments for campfire jamming.

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