Kayla Jo is the owner of Good Vibes Sound Healing and co-founder of Yoga Meets Sound. She has been through an extensive year-long sound therapy course and prides herself on authentic and fare trade instruments.

Her passion for sound therapy stems from working in mental health and wanting to offer a non-invasive holistic approach to her clients. Now that she has seen the benefits, she wanted to extend her knowledge of sound therapy beyond mental health to the public so everyone can have a chance to experience this very relaxing therapy.

Sound therapy is the practice of promoting a sense of balance and well-being in the client using discreet contact with the body and sound vibrations to affect the body's energetic field. Using instruments aimed directly at certain parts of the body or brain. The body then responds by adjusting its own frequencies to resonate with the tones generated by the instruments.

Kayla Jo offers private sessions or workshops with her partner and yoga instructor Amy bowman doing chakra based restorative yoga poses with hands on adjustments and sound healing.


Upcoming Events:

August 8-11, 2019: Farmfest 2019!

Come enjoy a weekend of fun, family and music. Bring a camper, or a tent, or sleep under the stars!

Early June: Planting Weekend

Each spring, the greenhouse fills up with amazing plants promising great organic food choices for us at Farmfest. Come help us plant the gardens, and earn a weekend pass to Farmfest. Bring a dish to pass, your camping gear and instruments for campfire jamming.

Late June: Get ‘er Done Vounteer Work Weekend

Preparing the farm for Farmfest is always a very rewarding experience. This is the time we can get creative. What is it that you would like to see added to the land? Let us know and help manifest it. Of course there are the usual annual items that need to be done: Cow barrels, butt cans, prepping the stages and clearing the trails. Weed whacking and mowing. Organizing the kitchen. Etc etc etc.

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